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"Aw man, what do I do?" she asked herself nervously. She could already feel her stomach gurgling. If there was one thing she did not handle well it was social event's. She didn't like being around large group's of people. Or small group's of people. Heck even being with the few friend's she had gave her problem's sometime's. She ran a hand through her long blue-purple hair and placed a hand on her stomach. " Just need to calm down" she said, talking to herself. A habit she had picked up year's ago. " It's just a dinner with some friend's. And a few of their realtives...and their employeer's...and-Gahhh!". She gripped her head tightly before bracing herself against the dresser on the far wall of her room. Looking up she looked in the mirror. Her pale green eyes looked even paler. Her heart was beating faster then normal. The dinner's tomorrow...she thought to herself. What am I going to do? Her parent's where away for the week, leaving her in the house alone. But she could hear her father's voice in her head. Lilly, why don't you just go pick up something at the pharmency? The thought made her smile weakly. He alway's did make up for my lack of commen sense sometime's, she thought.

Deciding it was best to follow what he father would have advised, she decided to go and pick something up to help with her stomach. Locking the door to her two story house behind her she set off, dressed in her usual white t-shirt and red short's. While it was a nice day Lilly couldn't help but feel even more nervous being outside. Only because of the people she passed as she made her way into town. Though she smiled weakly and waved at people as they said hello upon passing. The pharmecy was near the center of town, about a 10 minute walk for her. And fortunally for her her parent's where friend's with the owner. She paused just outside the pharmecy door, taking a deep breath before she stepped inside. A small bell hung near the door rang as she stepped inside. Luckily for her it seemed no other customer's where in at the moment. " Ah, Lilly! It's been a while" came a voice from the counter.

" H-hi Mr.Woodsmen" she replied shyly as she made her way to the counter. He was an older man wearing a long white jacket over a light blue shirt and tan pant's. She had always known him to be a nice person.

" How are you doing?" he asked, leaning against the counter.

" I'm doing alright I guess..." she replied quietly. " But...I was wondering if I could get something for my stomach...". Mr. Woodsmen smiled a little.

" Your parent's are out of town for a while aren't they?" he asked, reciving a nod from the girl in response. " And that's why you came to me yourself. You've been having these problem's for year's now Lilly. I'm surprised you don't come to me more often". He turned around toward's the shelf behind him and started scanning the different kind's of bottles displayed there. A short time later he smiled as he took a bottle from the shelf. " Ah-ha, here we are" he said as he turned back to face the girl. " These are some new pill's I just recived in my latest shipment. They're new on the market. They're suppose to help settle upset stomach's and relax the muscles. Stronger then your usual stuff". As he passed her the bottle Lilly suddenly realized something.

" I-I don't have any money" she said quietly. In her mind she was yelling at herself for being as stupid as to not bring anything to pay for the medicine. Mr. Woodsmen simply chuckled a little.

" Don't concern yourself with it Lilly" he replied sweetly. " You can simply have your parent's pay for it when they return. I've known them for a long time, so it's alright". Llly smiled up at the older man.

" Thank you so much!" she said, sounding  a little more cheerful as she left the pharmency. On the way home she started reading the bottle. " Take two pill's twice a day" she read outloud. " In extreme cases take one when nesseary". I would call this an extreme case, she thought to herself. After what seemed like longer then it should have been she reached her home. Closing the door behind her she looked back down at the bottle. Without a second thought she popped the top off, grabbed a pill and swallowed it. Lilly stood there as if waiting for something to happen. Her stomach gurgled a little but not much else. At least at first. A few minutes after she had swallowed the pill she felt a soothing feeling in her stomach. " Ahhhh, that's better" she said to herself softly. She placed a hand on her stomach and gave it a pat. Feeling a little thristy and much better about the turn of event's, Lilly went to the kitchen and grabbed a can of her favorite orange soda from the fridge. Cracking it open she heard it fizz a little as she put it to her lip's. It was her favorite drink and it always seemed to calmher down when she was feeling nervous. Though it was nothing in comparesion to the pills, besides being a tasty drink. After a few swallow's she set the can down on the counter. " God I love this stuff" she said to herself with a smile. She felt her stomach gurgling a little, but that was typical when she drank soda. This time around however was different. It simply wasn't just her stomach gurgling. Inside her stomach the soda was reacting to chemical makeup of the pill's, causing a build up of gas. Her belly bloated out just a little as a result. Lilly covered her mouth as she stifled a burp. " Feeling a little bloated..." she said, rubbing her belly a little. She failed to notice it had bulged out a little. " Oh well, it's just a little gas". With that she cheerfully went back up to her room, taking her soda with her and humming the entire way.

The next day Lilly stood in front of her mirror, looking over herself. Her mother had bought her a lovely looking red dress for formal event's a few month's ago and this was the firs ttime she had gotten to wear it. It was strapless, showing her shoulder's and collar bone, and ended about halfway past the knee's. She had placed a silver necklage around her neck to go with the dress. Lilly had always had a small body, in terms of curves and overall size, so there wasn't much to show off. But she liked how it looked on her anyway. Her eye's shifted to the clock. It was only an hour before the dinner and she was getting nervous again. A little while ago she had taken two more of those pill's, and she had a can of orange soda on the dresser in front of her. " Just relax Lilly" she told herself as her hand's smoothed out her dress. " It'll be fine. it's just a formal dinner. You just have to sit there and eat, that's it". She took some deep breath's and then drank a little more of her drink. Like yesterday the soda reacted to the pill's in her stomach, causing more bloating. While it wasn't noticeable yesterday, her belly pushed out against her dress as gas built up. As she set the can down she looked in the mirror and froze. her eyes widened as she was her belly had bloated out a bit. " W-w-what happened!?" she cried. She placed both hands on her stomach and pushed in. Despite it being a gas build up, pushing on her stomach did nothing to help release it. Lilly felt her nervousness returning. I can't go to the dinner looking like this! she thought in her head. But everyone's counting on me to go. Her friend, Susan, would be heartbroken if she didn't show up. She poked her belly with her finger. " Maybe if I..." she mumbled. She tried sucking in her gut. It seemed to work a little, as it was barely noticeable now. " I guess this work's..if I can hold it in long enough" she stated. Not thinking about it, she finished off her soda and readied herself to leave. The result was her belly swelling a little more, but she was in to much of a rush to notice. She decided to take one of her mother's old purses with her. She packed the pills away inside. Better safe then sorry, she thought. With that she left the house.

Susan's house wasn't to far away from where she lived. It was no problem, if only a little awkward, to walk there in her dress. It was merely a 5 minute walk. Susan's family was quite well off. As such they had a large three story house. It was painted white with a long marble walkway leading up to the front door. As she made her way up the path she noticed several other vehical's parked in the driveway. I must be one of the last ones to arrive, she thought. Looking around she checked to make sure no one was looking before wiping her shoes clean of dirt in their nearly trimmed and rather large lawn. She had decided to wear her red heel's. It made the walk over a tad bothersome, but it was formal after all. Or so she thought. Remembering to suck in her gut, she rang the doorbell and was greeted a few moment's later by Susan. Susan was similar in size to Lilly herself. She had short blonde hair and a lovely pair of blue eyes. Despite having a lot of money she was one of the nicest people you'd ever meet, as where her parent's. " Lilly! There you are" she said happily. Though she looked over her Lilly's oufit, as Lilly looked over Susan's. " Why the dress?"  asked the blonde. Susan wasn't dressed formally. She was wearing a nice looking blue blouse and matching skirt, but it was hardly formal like what Lilly was wearing.

" Y-you said it was formal...right?" asked Lilly with a weak smile.

" I said SEMI formal" replied Susan. Lilly's heart dropped. " But don't worry, you look nice!" she added as she took Lilly by the hand and dragged her inside. Lilly felt her heart beginning to race as Susan dragged her toward's the dinning room. Susan's house was even bigger on the inside then it was on the outside. Painting's hung on the wall's, marble flooring, granite counter top's, large crystal chandiler's hanging from the ceiling. ANd once Lilly was dragged into the dinning room she felt rather embarressed. Th dinning room itself was rather large, floored with red carpeting. A long table sat in its middle with plenty of seat's to fit al the many guests. Looking around Lilly could make out a few people she knew, like Susan's parents. But most she had never seen in her life. Her stomach gurgled a little as she went red in the face when all eyes turned on her. SHe gave them a weak smile and waved.

" Ah Lilly" said Susan's father as he stood up from his chair. " Glad you could make it. My you look pretty today. Come, have a seat". As Susan led her to her seat, she noticed not a single person there was wearing anything like a dress or suit. Talk about over dressing for the occasion, she thought grimly. About near the middle of the long wooden table, Susan showed her two empty seats, one of which she sat in. Lilly nervously took the seat next to her. To her right was an onlder looking woman. Probably one of Susan's aunt's or something, she thought. SHe looked over and gave the woman a small smile when she had smiled at her. Alright. It's fine. I should be fine, she thought as she took in a deep breath. Just st here and eat. As long as no one talk's to me, I'll be fine.

" Your Mary's daughter, aren't you?" asked an older man sitting across the table from her. Lilly looked over at him and thought she would cry for a second. Instead she simply smiled thinnly and nodded. While a few of the nearby realtive's striked up a conversation, Susan's mother and a few family friends began to bring out the food. A plate was placed in front of her. Cooked samon in some kind of sause she wasn't familer with, and a side of salad with dressing. She knew there would be more, but this was a nice start. Looking around she noticed the adult's had wine, where as herself and Susan simly had water. She used the food as an excuse not to talk. Her stomach was getting more and more upset. She simply nodded or smiled when people talked to her, trying to avoid as much conversation as possible.

" That's a lovely dress Lilly" pointed out Susan's mother. " It might be a bit...much, for this dinner, but it look's lovely". Lilly felt her face getting hot again.

" T-thank you..." she replied quietly, avoiding direct eye contact. The combination of her stomach getting upset, along with trying to keep it sucked in was getting to be to much for her. She suddenly stood up, drawing everyone's attention. " I-If you'll excuse me for a moment" she said nervously, bowing to them a little as she made her way out of the dinning room. She nearly stumbled on her heel's as she went to the kitchen. Everyone looked in her direction, looking confused. Susan's dad got up from his seat to check on her.

" Lilly?" he called, stepping into the kitchen. Lilly was back on to him. " Are you alright dear?"

" I'm fine!" she replied, not turning around. " I just needed to stretch my legs  alittle thats all. I'm fine, I'll be back in a few minutes". Susan's father looked at her a few moment's before leaving. Letting out a sigh she let her belly hang out. It pushed against her dress like a small pot belly. " I need more pill's" she muttered to herself, searching her purse untl her hand wrapped around the bottle. Taking it out, she looked around as she popped the top off. Lilly was doubled over a little from the uncomfortable feeling in her stomach. " Alright..." she said as she took two pill's out. She looked at them for a moment before popping them into her mouth, then putting the bottle to her lip's and swallowing the entire bottle. Placing the now empty bottle on the counter she panted, feeling them resting heavily in her stomach. " T-that feels a little better..." she said with a small smile, beginning to feel the pill's working their magic. Her eye's turned toward's the fridge. She knew Susan always kept some soda around. " I'm sick of plain old water" she told herself as she made her way to the fridge and opened it up. Inside she saw a large 2 litre bottle of orange soda. her eyes lit up as she grabbed it. her throat felt  alittle dry, most likely a result of taking so many pills at once. Without thinking about it she unscrewed the cap and brought the bottle to her lips. Soda flooded into her mouth as she tipped both her head and the bottle back. She started swallowing, gulping it down as it came. Lilly had always been surpriseningly good at chugging. The large bottle was quickly draining, and it was only minutes before she finished it off. " Ahh, much better~" she said happily, letting out a small burp. Patting her belly, she strightened herself up and started back towards the dinning room. Her sotmach let out a loud gurgle, and even though she was sucking her tummy in, it was beginning to push out against her dress.

Fortunally no one seemed to pay her much mind as she made her way back out into the dinning room. " Welcome back dear" said Susan's mother with a smile. Lilly smiled weakly back at her and took her seat quietly. She had barely started eating again when she started feeling incredbly full. Looking down her eyes widened as she saw her belly swelling out against her dress. Blushing a litttle she scooted her chair closer to the table in an attempt to hide it. Susan oticed this and glanced over at her.

" Are you ok?" she asked quietly.

" I-I'm fine!" replied Lilly, nervously laughing a little. Even as she spoke she could feel her belly growing underneath the table. At this point she could feel her dress stretching to try and contain it. She hoped it would stop and she could simply stay at the table and sneak out when no one was looking. But it just kept growing. Her cheeks puffed out and she covered her mouth  as she stifled a burp. She was now attracting the attention of people nearby.

" Are you alrighty deary?" asked the old lady next to her. " You seem a little ill". Lilly simply nodded, keeping her hand over her mouth. Not long after, the pressure became to much. She removed her hand and let out a loud burp. Everyone turned to look at her now, and her face went completly red in embarressment. Lilly got up, planning on just running out of there. But as she got up she stopped in surprise as she saw her belly. All those at the table gasped as they saw her. Be rbelly was quite lrge, bigger then a nine month pregnant woman. Her dress was straining to contain it. Lilly watched in horror as seam's in the fabric started to break. Moments later, with a loud rip, her belly burst through her dress. Lilly cried out and grabbed her stomach with both hands. She tried despertly to pus it back in, but to no effect.

"W-whats happening?" asked Susan as she watched. Susan's father got to her feet. " Call the hospital!" he cried, looking a this wife WIth a nod the woman left the table in a hurry.

" Ohnoohnoohnoohno!" cried Lilly Other parts  of her where beginning to expand. Her breasts pushed out against her dress, her ass swelled even bigger. The more she grew, the rounder she became. She kept crying out in a panic. She stepped back from the table, her belly a huge size now. Her breasts where close behind. Oh god, she thought to herself. It feel's like I'm actually a balloon...everything feel's so tight! The remained of her red dress was tearing as her curves swelled. The top half of her dress was merely acting like a bra to contain her growing chest. Her large ass was exposed, eaving her in her panties. She noticed several of the men taking notice of this, she made a vain attempt to cover herself. Her arms where to big to reach down that far to cover herself. " D-don't look at me l-like that!" she cried, making them look away. Bunch of pervert's! Here I am getting bigger by the second and all they can do is look at me like that! She was getting flustered in her mind, from embarressment, anger and fear." H-help me, please!" she yelled.

Susan got up from her seat and rested a and on Lilly's belly. " So...big" she said  in amazement. Both girls looked down at Lilly's swelling body.She had always wanted to be bigger, but not in this way. Lilly managed to reach up and grab her breasts. She gave them a small squeeze, feeling them grow against her palm's. Her dress felt tight against them, and only got tighter. F-feel like I'm going to pop! she thought in a panic, feeling her body creak and groan as it grew.

" Someone help the poor girl!" cried the older woman who had been sitting next to her. But no one seemed to know what to do. All she could think to do was to stand there and grow. Not that she could walk at this point. Her stomach was larger then any bean bag chair she had ever seen, her arm's and legs thick enough to match it, becoming one with her ballooning body. Her ass and breasts where definally csomething to look at. And she might have liked it had the rest of her not been blowing up. Small tear's where heard as the fabric of her clothing stretched more. Her arms and legs seemed to be getting sucked into her body, making her a literal human balloon. She flapped her hands helplessly. There was a lot of pressure on her body. In an attempt to expell it all, she kept burping, unable to stop herself.

" I'm going to pop!" cried Lilly, making her thoughts known as her entire body kept growing bigger and bigger with each passing moment. She expelled another lud burp. From the feeling of it it felt like she was being filled with huge amounts of gas. Can't....take much more, she thought. Lilly grunted little as she tried moving a little. All she managed to do was wobble a little back and forth. The only one who didn't seem to be horrifyed by the turn of event's was Susan. To her she thought Lilly was like a giant inflatable bouncy castle. And she really was beginning to look the part. Her eyes looked down at the crowd as her blimping body pushed her higher into the air. Another burp, and Lilly deared she was going to pop at any second.

" Alright, I just called the hospital!" yelled Susan's mother as she rushed back into the room. " They're sending a team o-"


She was interrupted as a loud popping sound filled the room. Everyone stared as little pieces of torn dress and flesh coloured fragements floated down to the ground like leaves falling from trees. The pieces of Lilly fel to the ground and everyone gather around.

"Wow...." said Susan quietly as she looked down at her former friend. " She should have told me she was part balloon!"

Lilly suddenly shot up out of bed. She looked around in a panic, feeling her own body with her hand's. Her breathing was heavy, her chest heaving and she was sweating a little. It took her a few moments to realize she was sitting in her bed, at home. Everything was quiet, exept for her breathing. Putting a hand on her chest, Lilly sighed in relief. " It was jsut a dream..." she muttered. A faint smile came across her face as she came to this realization. " Thank was just a dream". She felt back against the bed, trying to calm herself. It was then the hone rang downstairs. Getting up from bed she made her way to the kitchen, attempting to stop her heart from pounding against her chest in the process. Taking in a deep breath she picked up the phone and answered it. " Hello?"

" Lilly? It's me, Susan!" her friend answered happily on the other side. " My parents where having a dinner, and I was wondered if you wanted to come?".
A LONG over do something for :icontheneverwere:

He asked a while go if anyone was wiling to write a story with similar concepts to this, so I took a shot at it. Hopefully it came out alright
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EpicCatBomb Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2015   Digital Artist
Please stop using 's, it means ownership and it gets annoying in the story.
Forcedlactationlover Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Basically true. The other use of the apostrophe is in contractions like "what's" for "what is". (I use that one a lot.)
Lunawolf41 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Brubake Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2013
Wow, holly wow! Great story ! I wonder if she still wants "to be bigger"? Does she still drink orange soda or go to that same pharmacy ? I still enjoyed this even though I am only into huge female bursting bellies, not bursting body balloons! Some photos of her inflation process would be great! 
Kibzz Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2013
Thank you :3

And certinally is an idea to draw some pictures of it lol
hazethecat Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i wish i could get that big but stay on the groung and not pop
Kibzz Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2013
Well I wouldn't think popping in real life would be any fun lol
hazethecat Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i know that lol i just wanna see what its like to be that big
TheNeverWere Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Woo! Just read the whole thing!

I like it, but can I bring up a few points? :3c

When it comes to the actual expanding, it happens very fast. Probably too fast; I enjoy a moderate pace, it doesn't dive into what she's feeling (lit like with pressure, sensations like bubbling fizz and fig like what she's thinking about the situation to others and what would happen to herself) and also the end, which I said I wanted to be reviled to be a dream sequence.

But the rest was great!

BTW, with your picture I tried a few things, but I'm at a loss for size. Any ideas to what you want?
Kibzz Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2013
Yeah, it took so long to do, I appearntly forgot a few things when I thought I remember it all. That's my bad =w=;

But I'm glad you liked it at least. As for size I was thinking somewhere in the ball park of round this size… mostly because I find bigger sizes easier to draw, and it seems to fit the situation better(knowing the character's personallities and how they are lol). Of course it can always be shrunk down if size or space is an issue. I'm quite open to changes and stuff should they be needed.
TheNeverWere Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Alright, so I guess I'll go for the smaller one (trying to figure size and position)? I don't know anything about them btw. :3c

I hope it's not too much to ask for to add those two things though. Eventually maybe.
Kibzz Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2013
Both of them look good, so if you wanna go with the smaller one, go right ahead :3

Its not to surprising that you don't know anything about them. I've come across plenty of people who dont, despite how big the game is lol

The positon in this sketch it pretty good. I can easily picture Vi sitting on top of Caitlyn while pumping her up
TheNeverWere Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't do a lot of pc gaming. My laptop hates it. (poor 4+ year old thing)

I'll do the smaller then for sure. I just like adding details, and the big one would look too blurred otherwise I think. I don't like the easy way out. >:3 (PLAYING LIFE ON HARD MODE, YEA!)

Be sure to tell me too if you ever do those updates.

...I'll go badger someone else now. ^^;
Kibzz Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2013
My laptop isnt the best for it either, but I manage lol

And alrighty, sounds good to me. And I shall

(and its not badgering lol)
hadoukenfighter Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2013
hahahahahaha, the part balloon part killed me as how casual it was delivered.
Kibzz Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2013
I probably could have done it better, especially if I had written at all at once, but it was done over the period of a few months. So thats my fault really lol
WalkingWithWatchers Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2013
Nicely done indeed. Definitely liked the build up to the moment where the expansion kicked into high gear. That and the other expansion following up the belly were a pleasant surprise.
Kibzz Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2013
 Well the long build up was requested of the story, and it is nice to have a build up to it lol

Thank you kindly good sir :3
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